Financing FAQ


What are the terms like for boat financing?

Unlike auto financing where the typical loan stretches 48-60 months, a typical boat loan stretches between 144 and 240 months! Watersports central utilizes the marine lending division of several top financial lenders, allowing us to offer these fantastic terms on the majority of our boats.

Why would I want a 15 or 20 year boat loan?

There are several great reasons to finance a boat for that length of time. The first is that the extended terms allow for much greater purchasing power, coupled with monthly payments that are easily affordable! Many new boat buyers are delighted to learn they can afford the boat of their dreams now!

Secondly, all marine loans are simple interest. That means you can pay off your boat as quickly or slowly as you choose. Simply make your minimum monthly payments over the long haul or pay extra whenever you want to save yourself some interest!

Lastly, lower monthly payments don’t affect the debt to income ratio on your credit nearly as much as shorter term loans. That makes it much easier to use your good credit standing to purchase other things you need without hassle.

What Banks do you use?

Watersports Central is set up with a number of financial institutions all with unique specialties. Because we are a boat dealer, we are able to set up terms and rates that most individual borrowers cannot!

Which Bank is best for me?

The team here at Watersports Central take care of all that for you. We shop the banks against one another on every boat contract to ensure that our customer receive the best rate and terms available!

What if my credit is not perfect?

No problem! There are several options and programs available for those without perfect credit. Simply call one of our finance team members and they will help you find the best deal out there!