2018 NXT20

Serving up just as much attainability as it does awesomeness, the NXT20 is equal parts fun and affordable. At 20 feet, its sharp looks go with sharp turns and a garage-friendly size. Hop in and get ready for summer days packed with wakeboarding, surfing and skiing.

Boat length 20'
Beam 91"
Interior Width 81.5"
Weight 3950 Lbs.
Fuel Capacity 47 Gal.
Draft 27"
Capacity 1804 Lbs.
Boat Height 121.5" ( Boat Height is the NXT tower to the lowest point of the boat on trailer to the ground.)
Hull Vector Drive
Seating 11 People
Color Options Calypso Green, White. Interior is White, Calypso Green
Storage 80 Cubic Feet
Wake Thick - Rampy wake with crisp lip. Surf - powerful wake shape.